Touch N Go Massage

We are a full service wellness clinic staffed with massage therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists in the West Houston area.

We believe that during our various forms of treatment, the patient should be educated in order to be able to maintain maximum flexibility and pain-free living long after our work ends. We are strong believers in patient centered care that encourages every patient to be an active participant in their recovery and maintaining their health.

Our team have successfully worked with all types of injuries and we work on patients of any age. We have specialized treatment protocols for all types of people from young athletes to pregnant mothers. Even if you simply need a relaxing massage to calm your nervous system and hit the reset button, we can fulfill your need.

Touch N Go Massage
15015 Westheimer Pkwy Ste K,Houston, TX 77082
(713) 826-1174
[email protected]

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